• CREATIVE CONTENT: blogs, articles, books, short stories, novels, poetry
  • ACADEMIC CONTENT: letters, essays, reports, MA theses, dissertations, journals
  • TECHNICAL & MARKETING CONTENT: manuals, proposals, grants; web content, SEO

Specialty: Developmental Editing

I help you synthesize your ideas and find a format and structure that fits what you want to communicate.

Services At A Glance

I help writers clarify the content of their writing without destroying the integrity of their styles.

Basic Text Proofreading

Correcting grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors

Light Copyediting

Basic proofreading tasks, and flagging and querying awkward word choices and syntax structures

Medium Copyediting

Basic proofreading and light copyediting with comments and revision suggestions for word choice, syntax, and paragraph placement

Heavy Copyediting

Includes basic proofreading, and light and medium copyediting tasks. Also, revising, rewriting, and creating original text, and researching and fact-checking along with data, chart, and graph checks

Structural Analysis

Format Checks: pagination, TOC and chapter heads; Academic Style: APA; MLA, Chicago, AP, etc.; Elements of Fiction: exposition, plot, narrative, dialogue, characterization, conflict, etc.

Developmental Editing

Taking structural analysis and/or raw ideas, and synthesizing and finding a format or genre that showcases a writer's content and style best

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