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pflowerCreation As Metamorphosis


Your project — reborn as one single work of organic creation — BECOMES ART.

me7Sheri Rose
BAs: English; Music


Chicago, AP, APA, & MLA Styles



Professional Conduct – Friendly Service – Quality Work – Reasonable Rates

I love working with writers, and I love editing books. My specialty is content editing at the developmental level, and I’ve been doing it for more than 25 years.

Of benefit to you, I regularly write, edit, and format documents using MS Word, and edit them using the Track Changes option. I have also formatted and edited documents using Adobe Acrobat and Google Docs. My experience editing a variety of work enables me to understand content written from different perspectives and provide you with services individualized to your needs. I can help you make sure what you want to communicate is clear and makes sense to readers, and I can also make sure that whatever I suggest maintains your tone and style. In sum, my skills and experience will benefit you because I have been writing, editing, and proofreading documents, and teaching others how to do the same, for more than twenty-five years.

Book genres I have edited and can help you with include:

  • Science-Fiction, Speculative Fiction, and The Weird
  • Short Stories / Novels
  • Poetry
  • Memoir
  • Christian Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Training and Instructional Manuals
  • Self-help and Self Development
  • Leadership

Call or email me if you need copyediting or developmental editing services.

Mix and match services from a variety of options.

Writing is an act that comes from inspiration.

inspiration1To write well is an art.

All original writing requires creativity and an understanding of craft.

Originality sometimes requires creative turns of phrase that break traditional grammar rules.

A copy editor is often a first, second, and third audience who helps writers manipulate grammar rules and develop craft to create original work.

A good copy editor is a truthful and compassionate audience who helps writers find and maintain the integrity of their styles.

It’s within the style and voice of writers where the art is found.

I’d love to be your copy editor and audience, and help you focus your style and voice into an art form that sings.

Throughout my career, I have created, managed, designed, developed, written, edited and maintained a variety of projects that have required research, writing and editing skills. The documents I’ve serviced are listed below.

  • abstracts
  • academic waiver letters and letters of intent
  • agendas
  • articles
  • award-winning lesson plans
  • books – memoir, historical fiction, and general non-fiction
  • blogs
  • cover letters
  • cultural briefs
  • curriculum guides
  • data disaggregation and analysis
  • essays – K-12; undergraduate; graduate
  • event flyers and programs
  • grants
  • graphic design
  • integrated units of study and standards alignment
  • literary investigations
  • master’s theses and dissertations
  • pamphlets
  • portfolios
  • Power Point presentations
  • press releases
  • procedural and training manuals
  • product, descriptions
  • proposals
  • query letters
  • reports
  • resumes
  • reviews
  • sales letters
  • SEO
  • summaries
  • technology integration plans
  • web content
  • web design
  • HTML
  • WordPress management