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How to Create Stress-Free Essay Writing Experiences

You know that feeling—the one you get when you’re faced with writing an essay for your college English class, and the only one who understands the directions is your instructor.

The angel on one shoulder says the reward of a degree and a chance at a better paying job is worth the time and frustration.

Meanwhile, the devil on the other shoulder reminds you of the aggravation level you will face in the process and urges you to hang it up and vacation in Tahiti instead.

Don’t give into the dark side. 

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Where Indie Authors Can Find The Best Self-Publishing Companies

There is no cheap way to publish a book, not even for writers who choose to self-publish.

No need to despair. The self-publishing companies available offer a range of options. The key is to know what you’re getting into before you buy.

So, with all of the self-publishing companies available, how do you know which one is the best? Read More

Writer Beware: There’s Danger in Them Thar Big Words

The waning use of big words comes from a lack of willingness to learn what they mean.

Usage then fades into phrases of three to five words that mean the same thing as one, and prose then becomes a less descriptive way for writers to get to the point.

  • Problem? No. Not in today’s world where readers would rather fart and have fun than think and learn.
  • Bothersome? Yes. Most bothersome as reading to learn is no longer seen as fun because it requires deep thought.
  • Harmful? Possibly. Especially when those who use big words don’t understand what they mean.

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Why Defining The Short Story Genre Makes Your Eyes Roll Back In Your Head

genreCan a short story be a short story if it’s a nonfiction piece? In short—no. In reality—it depends.

Short stories have traditionally been considered a fiction genre. They can be about anything as long as they are about one thing—and they’re short.

So, technically, if you identify your stories as nonfiction, and they follow a storyline using elements of fiction, you have written creative nonfiction or short nonfiction, but not short stories.

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Zap Those Pesky Points of View into Shape and Write Like A Champ

consistencyWriter, David Lodge, in his book The Art of Fiction, said this about problems with inconsistent points of view used by writers in their work:

  • “One of the commonest signs of a lazy or inexperienced writer of fiction is inconsistency in handling point of view (POV).”

I don’t agree with the lazy part because I don’t think writers are lazy people. 

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