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Earth Day, Joni Mitchell, and the Poetry of Life

tulipHappy Earth Day! It’s the perfect day to celebrate the music and poetry of Joni Mitchell in her song “Woodstock,” from her album, “Ladies of the Canyon.”

Mitchell’s Song is not about Earth Day, but it is about our need to reconnect with nature and what makes us feel alive.

It’s also the best song to end my celebration of poetry in music for National Poetry Month 2016.

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Love Poems – National Poetry Month 2016

You can’t celebrate National Poetry Month without sharing a poem or two about love. It’s love that motivates the art.

Most love poems fall into four categories, and of course, these all intermingle and intertwine.


  1. Breathtaking Love
  2. True Love
  3. Painful Love
  4. Passionate Love

What are your top four love poems?

Do you have one for each category?

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In the Twilight – National Poetry Month 2016

From the song, “Twilight,” as sung by Sean Colvin

twilight“Don’t put me in a frame upon a mantel,

where memories grow dusty old and gray.

Don’t leave me alone in the twilight.

Twilight is the loneliest part of the day.”

Listen to how this song captures the nostalgia in a beautiful time of day.

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True Frendship -National Poetry Month 2016

friendship2Your family gives you a place to rest at the end of the day, but your circle of friends—they shelter you from the storm of social judgment that slaps you in the face like a whip-gust of dry winter wind.

They are the extended family that protects you when you leave home.

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The Magic of Imagery – National Poetry Month 2016

“As I woke this evening with the smell of wood smoke clinging
Like a gentle cobweb hanging upon a painted tee pee.”

There is magic in the imagery of a forest scene. Notice the sensory detail of light in these words? The movement? The smells?
Indian1These are the opening lines in the song, “Indian Sunset,” written by Bernie Taupin with the music written and sung by Elton John.

If you come from where I grew up, you are already in these lines. You can see the trees, and smell the pine trees, sage brush, and wood smoke.

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