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When Profanity And Professionalism Don’t Mix

Say-WhatAbout a year ago, I read a list of criteria for a freelance writing job where one of the questions asked, “Are you an asshole?”

 It stopped me cold in my reading, and I found myself thinking, “What the … ?” (Feel free to add any word you like to fill in the blank.)

So—is this funny, or is it something else? Can the use of profanity and professionalism in a job application attract serious job seekers? I say, “No,” and “Just say ‘No’ to the mix.”

Here’s how one company blended the two.

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Attitudes That Develop Frustrated Writers

FrustratedToday, I speak for frustrated writers. I’m shocked by how many people think it’s easy to produce a well-written piece or to edit one into a coherent whole.

My angst comes from how little some clients are willing to pay because of this attitude.

Carefully examine this one set of comments consistently repeated by low-paying prospects.

I’m left incredulous every time I hear them.

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