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a blog with information and insights on editing and writing

BySheri Rose Dec 30, 2018

Should You Really “Forget Everything Your 7th Grade English Teacher Taught You”?

"What's on the agenda, today?" is the question my 7th grade English teacher used to ask us every morning. God bless Mrs. Larsen and her lovin...

BySheri Rose Nov 28, 2018

Writer’s Block: Real or Rest?

Writer's block is real. Let's start there. It's a full stop in the creative-thinking process that happens for many reasons. But isn't it als...

BySheri Rose Oct 25, 2018

Start Your Writing/Editing Business with These 5 Women

Prospective clients who offer low rates to freelance writers and editors disrespect the profession and dishearten would-be practitioners....

BySheri Rose Sep 1, 2018

Show-Don’t-Tell: Show What? Tell Who?

Show-Don't-Tell? What does that even mean? You hear it all the time, don't you? Another buzz-bit of jargon meant to classify a skill. So, let...

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