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Creation As Metamorphosis


Your project — reborn as one single work of organic creation — BECOMES ART.

I will help you develop your first-draft manuscript into a book ready to sell.

me7Sheri Rose
BAs: English; Music


Chicago, AP, APA, MLA, Oxford, and Cambridge Styles


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Professional Conduct – Friendly Service – Quality Work – Reasonable Rates

I’m a book editor and my specialty is the substantive and developmental editing of nonfiction books on various topics.

Substantive and developmental editing is like collaborative gardening, and 

I help writers cultivate their manuscripts!

I help you design plots and organizational structures that develop thematic elements.

Together, we dig through your content and weed out anything that interrupts the narrative flow.

  • We plant suggestions and additions that enhance the narrative action.
  • We feed meaning with grammatical structures that detail intent.
  • We nurture your book to fruition with tools that enhance style and voice.

Book genres I edit include

  • memoir, romantic and historical fiction;
  • Christian fiction and nonfiction;
  • short stories, creative nonfiction, and poetry;
  • sales and marketing;
  • self-help, self-development and leadership development;
  • instructional and training manuals.

I invite you to visit my LinkedIn profile for customer feedback and recommendations.


Call or email me, and let’s talk about how I can help you best.

Of benefit to you, I regularly write, edit, and format documents using MS Word, and edit them using the Track Changes option. I have also formatted and edited documents using Adobe Acrobat and Google Docs.

My experience editing a variety of work helps me understand content written from different perspectives and provide you with services individualized to your needs.

  • I will help you make sure what you want to communicate is clear and makes sense to readers, and
  • I will also make sure that whatever I suggest maintains your tone and style.

In sum, my skills and experience will benefit you because I have been writing, editing, and proofreading content, and teaching others how to do the same, for more than twenty-five years.

Throughout my career, I have created, managed, designed, developed, written, edited and maintained a variety of projects that have required research, writing and editing skills. The documents I’ve serviced are listed below.

  • abstracts
  • academic waiver letters and letters of intent
  • agendas
  • articles
  • award-winning lesson plans
  • books – memoir, historical fiction, and general non-fiction
  • blogs
  • cover letters
  • cultural briefs
  • curriculum guides
  • data disaggregation and analysis
  • essays – K-12; undergraduate; graduate
  • event flyers and programs
  • grants
  • graphic design
  • integrated units of study and standards alignment
  • literary investigations
  • master’s theses and dissertations
  • pamphlets
  • portfolios
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • press releases
  • procedural and training manuals
  • product, descriptions
  • proposals
  • query letters
  • reports
  • resumes
  • reviews
  • sales letters
  • SEO
  • summaries
  • technology integration plans
  • web content
  • web design
  • HTML
  • WordPress management