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cropped-RPSh1-2.pngCopyediting As Collaboration

My one-on-one approach helps you clarify content and enhance what you want to say.

General Information

  1. Mix and match services to fit the needs of your project, and prices are adjusted accordingly.
  2. Minimum project size—2,000 words.


FREE CONSULTATIONS: Projects are priced after consultations and manuscript reviews, and every consultation is FREE.

ONGOING DISCOUNTS: 10% for military (active/retired), non-profit organizations, and senior citizens (55+)

ONE-TIME DISCOUNT: 10% to clients for customer referrals that result in a paid jobs.

PAYMENTS: PayPal Invoicing


— correcting the mechanics of the language; comments not included

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • capitalization
  • spelling


  • Basic Text Proofreading tasks
  • correcting and flagging awkward syntax and word choices that confuse the meaning and flow of the content
  • general comments


  • Basic Text Proofreading and Light Copyediting tasks, and
  • detailed comments, queries, and revision suggestions for clarity concerning
    • awkward word choice, syntax structures,
    • effectiveness of paragraph placement
    • thematic development
    • overall flow of the content

 — Also Includes LINE EDITING:

— emphasis on the creative side of writing and grammar use

  • rhetorical twists of phrase and how they affect the meaning in the content
  • consistency in writer’s craft and style and message
  • grammar use and how affects meaning and communicates author’s intent/message
  • overall clarity in language use and communication


  • Basic Text Proofreading, Light Copyediting, and Medium Copyediting
  • some rewriting and revision
  • moving, rearranging, and deleting large sections of text
  • adding sections of original writing to document beyond revision suggestions

May include format edits

  • fact-checking
  • in-depth research
  • titles, headings, and sub-headings
  • image, chart and graph placement and resizing
  • Style Guide Choices: Chicago, AP, APA, MLA
  • footnotes and endnotes
  • indexing
  • appendices
  • table of contents (TOC)
  • pagination
  • chapter number placement