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Developmental Editing


Developmental Editing

PART BY PART, I help you break down your project to analyze, evaluate, and determine which structures and features best make your work shine.

From CONCEPT TO CONSTRUCTION, I help you synthesize and focus your colorful ideas into a few structures for experimentation and exploration.

General Information

  1. Mix and match services to fit the needs of your project, and prices are adjusted accordingly.
  2. Minimum project size—2,000 words.


FREE CONSULTATIONS: Projects are priced after consultations and manuscript reviews, and every consultation is FREE.

ONGOING DISCOUNTS: 10% for military (active/retired), non-profit organizations, and senior citizens (55+)

ONE-TIME DISCOUNT: 10% to clients for customer referrals that result in a paid jobs.

PAYMENTS: PayPal Invoicing


  • happen before, are separate from, but include some basic proofreading or general copyediting
  • often include a detailed structural analysis of all working parts in the story
  • apply content edits that break down parts, chapters, headings, etc.
  • eliminate and help writers avoid repetition chapter to chapter
  • spot related concepts and help writers devise a logical narrative flow
  • monitor consistency in the thematic development of ideas and elements throughout the work
  • examine and develop coherent content in the story structure and organization of topics
  • focus on the writer’s craft blocking the story line, interrupting the pacing, and slowing or stopping the development of ideas
  • analyze character/characterization, plot, conflict, climax, resolution, backstory, theme development
  • synthesize a mix of ideas and media, and arrange them into a work that fits the author’s purpose
  • include comments on overall impressions in each section for what is working and what needs clarification
  • suggest additions to content and provide detailed revision suggestions
  • can include placement and rearranging of parts, and deletions and revisions of sections
  • sometimes cross over into Ghostwriting